Stucco Basics

Traditional stucco is a construction technique that has been used for centuries. It is formed by troweling on layers of plaster over a framework. Over the years, different mixes of minerals have been used to create the plaster. Today, Portland cement most often the key ingredient in a stucco exterior.

On a typical home, stucco plaster is troweled on in two or three layers, each at a thickness of about 3/8 inch, over metal lath attached to wood framing. A water-resistant building paper separates the plaster and lath from the framing. Plaster can also be applied directly to masonry or concrete walls. Stucco is finished with a 1/8-inch hard coat or cementitious mix that may have powder or acrylic color added as well as an aggregate for texture and variation.

Nurse Stucco offers complete recoat and restucco services – from complete exterior makeovers including complete recoating or restuccoing with new colors and textures, fog coating stucco for permanent color, new construction structures or expansions with exact color and texture matching to the existing structure, to architectural foam door and window trim upgrades. We also provide professional plaster and stucco repair services to fix cracks and damaged stucco.